Attraction Is A Whole Different Story

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Hey, this is Brian Moore from “BreakthroughMan.” If you’ve been following our content, you’ve probably been dating some really hot girls recently.

BUT…even though a big number of you are starting to get more girls (and hotter girls than ever before), something strange begins to happen...

As soon as you start dating a hot chick, you REVERT BACK to being a needy “wussy guy” who will do anything to keep getting sex from her.

So, you keep a hot chick for a few weeks or a few months… but then it all FALLS APART.


Most guys go through life without EVER getting the women they truly desire, because they think women are a “mystery” that is impossible to solve.

And so, they try to give a woman the things they THINK women want.

Some guys will spend money on her…

Some guys will always AGREE with her, and never challenge her opinions…

But most often, when a guy likes a woman, he will constantly make himself available to her. He thinks by spending the maximum amount of TIME with her — and making her feel he’s “always there” — she’ll eventually come around and start feeling attraction towards him.

The problem is, attraction does NOT work this way.

When you spend endless hours talking to her about life, and her problems, she may feel AFFECTION towards you.

The same emotion she feels towards her girl friends, and her gay hair dresser…

Or, towards her brother…

Or, her puppy.

But does she want to SLEEP with any of them?! Hell no!!

You see, sexual ATTRACTION is a whole different story. And it does NOT come from giving her gifts, taking her on expensive dates, or giving her all of your time and attention.

In fact, once you make a good first impression, you must LIMIT your time and availability in order to drive up her interest in you.

I’ll get into this in detail later. You don’t just want to “blow her off” and tell her you’re busy… you want to use SMART TACTICS to frame yourself as “the prize” that she’ll want to win.

(Ask a hot chick what type of guy she’s into. She’ll say tall, handsome, funny, rich… but the truth is, NONE of those qualities will matter if she meets a guy who knows how to “push her buttons” and feel REAL sexual attraction.)

Remember, women are NOT a mystery. In fact, they’re pretty simple and transparent.

Understanding a woman’s needs and desires is NOT the head-scratching “puzzle” most guys think it is… IF you understand how to cut through all the games and bullshit, and stimulate her “attraction triggers.”

But, because most guys have NOT been having success with women, they assume that this IS a big mystery which they can never solve.

On the other hand, we all know a guy — maybe a co-worker or a friend of yours — who has a way with the ladies.

Maybe you knew a guy in high school, or college, who had an incredible “way with women.”

He wasn’t rich, or incredibly handsome. He wasn’t super “sweet” to girls — actually, he came off a bit arrogant and cocky.

The girls KNEW this guy was a “player”…

And yet for some reason, they COULDN’T RESIST him!

And while this guy is scoring left and right, you and the other guys are wondering, “How the HELL does he do it? What’s his big secret?”

In this program, you’re about to learn ALL the secrets. The good news is that it’s NOT a mystery. Success with women is based on rules and principles that any guy can learn, apply, and master.

And all women share core NEEDS and DESIRES that you can learn to identify and capitalize on.

If you’ve been fairly successful with women, you’ve probably been following some of these rules instinctively without fully understanding WHY they work the way they do.

Once you understand WHY these rules work, and how to put ALL of the pieces together, your game will go to a BULLETPROOF level.

Put it this way…

Getting REALLY good with women is similar to learning a foreign language.

You can buy a phrase book, and learn how to say a bunch of different things.

But you’ll never become FLUENT this way.

You’ve memorized some phrases — you can say “good morning,” “how are you,” etc., but you can’t hold an extended conversation in that language.

The only way to become FLUENT is to put your book away, and immerse yourself in the culture.

You’ll learn much more rapidly this way. And soon, you’ll be having full conversations in any situation.

You won’t always be STRUGGLING to figure out how to say the right thing. It begins to flow naturally. It becomes second nature.

Guys who only learn “pickup strategies”… or can get girls sometimes, but don’t understand the RULES of attraction… only know the basics for certain situations.

In most OTHER situations, they struggle.

When you’ve got bulletproof game, you know how to handle EVERY situation with a woman and how to ELIMINATE all obstacles.

What if she’s dating another guy right now?

What if you want to talk to her, or take her home, but you’re worried about “blowing it?”

What if she’s a friend that you want to turn into a girlfriend?

What if she recently went through a breakup, and she says she doesn’t want to date anyone new?

These are just several examples of challenges. There are an ENDLESS number of these that you will face in your quest to get women.

If you’re ready to make your confidence ROCK SOLID and want to know how to handle ANY situation you get into with women, I want you to give this a quick look.

After you’re done watching it, talking to girls will feel like you’re playing an easy level on a video game that you’ve already beaten.

You will be FLUENT with women…

And that’s when YOU become the guy that makes other guys say, “What’s HIS secret?” ๐Ÿ™‚

I urge you to watch this video now (it reveals ALL the secrets…).