Attracting Gorgeous Women Like a Magnet

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Like most men, you want to meet attractive women that rank high on the hotness scale. You want to interact with a minimal of fuss on your part that leads to her accompanying you back to your place. Or, leads to her inviting you to her place.

But to your dismay and frustration, you end up striking out more times than you hit a home run. That’s because you haven’t yet learned the scoring techniques taught in the Tao of Badass system.

When it comes to getting what you want from women, you have to know what you’re up against. It’s not good looks or money that makes a man capable of picking up women – it’s much more than that. And no, women aren’t looking for jerks. That’s a big myth. But sometimes, the jerk does get the girl!

Men Versus Women

Men know what they want. No games, no BS. Just straight-shooting. Unfortunately, women don’t have the same logical thought processes that a man has.

That’s why they’re so hard to understand the majority of the time. A man is logical and a woman…well…isn’t, especially when it comes to interacting with a man.

She responds with the emotional part of her brain. Pay attention here because that emotional part is why you’re not getting laid as much as you’d like. This emotional side of her brain is what makes the final decision as to whether or not you’re going to get any action.

A man makes the decision logically. Hot woman, rocking body, so you want to sleep with her. Pretty cut and dried, simple and easy to follow. Not so with a woman, but believe it or not, it’s not as complicated as you might think.

Like most guys, you’ve probably seen knockout women walking around with real chumps. You might have wondered how it is that these hot women always seem to choose a guy that’s a jerk.

It’s clear to anyone with half a brain that these jerks treat a woman badly. Yet, they all act like they can’t seem to get enough of him. Worse than that, these jerks have women practically running over each other to get to him.

In comparison to that guy, there’s you.

You’re a nice guy. You’ve got a decent job. You treat women well and they seem to genuinely like being around you. But you just can’t seem to get them to give it up no matter what you do.

Stop stressing over your minimal sex life. Here’s something that you might not have realized by now when it comes to women not giving you what you want. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Nothing at all. It’s simply that men and women are made differently and you need to know just how to make these differences work for you, as taught in the Tao of Badass. You might have tried some formulas in the past in the hopes of rocketing up your conquest count and it hasn’t worked.

That’s because cheesy pick up lines don’t work on women and those approaches you’ve been taught won’t make her invite you into bed.  We’ll get to that. But first, you have to completely understand what it is that doesn’t matter when it comes to getting that hot woman to say yes to you.

This information might surprise you, but it will help explain why you see women with jerks.

What Women Don’t Want

I hate to tell you this, because you might have always thought something was true – ever since you hit puberty. This belief is made up of four lies. Not that this is your fault for believing any of these lies because the media hypes it in almost every magazine that you’ll see.

This lie is also taught in movies, and in television shows. Since seeing is believing, the majority of men have fallen for it and in turn have cut their chances of closing the deal with the hot women they want.

The first thing that women don’t require is a man with money. You’ll see this lie almost everywhere you turn. There’s an unspoken belief that money equals success with women.

While money certainly does equal a certain amount of financial success, it doesn’t translate into getting laid as much as you want with as many different women as you’d like to sleep with.

Surprisingly, despite all of the gold-digger jokes, the majority of women – especially the ones that are toned, tanned and stacked, don’t care about money. The emotional part of their brain does not link money and sex.

Before you roll your eyes and think, “Yeah, right…” consider how many financial disasters get hot women. There all sorts of guys who don’t dress well who you see picking up girls all the time. They have something you haven’t found yet – but it’s not a fat wallet.

The second thing that women don’t require are men that are muscled up and beefy looking. Check out any blockbuster film and you’ll see this lie being presented time and time again.  

If you want that hot women, you have to step it up at the gym. You have to have the body of a superhero – that’s what these lies tell the average guy. And that’s all it is.

A lie.

The average man can beat out the muscle man every time if he just knows the system that works to make a woman want him rather than that muscular guy. And if you doubt that it’s a lie, think about the scrawny guys you see dating hot ladies. Oh, you probably assumed (wrongly) that they must be rich instead. Nope!

With all of the advertisements to “fix” this next thing women don’t require, you’d think that surely the mass market knows a woman’s mind. But this is a lie, too. This is an area where the media is playing into a man’s insecurity over this issue.

It’s not an issue for women when it comes to wanting to have sex with you.  That belief is about hair. You might have believed for years that women want men with a full head of hair.

You believed that men who are losing their hair or going bald don’t have a chance with the women they want to sleep with. But you’ve bought into that line long enough.

The truth is that women think bald is sexy. They like men with the chrome dome. Take a look at men with bald heads and see just who they have hanging on their arms and you’ll see that baldness has nothing to do with attracting a woman.

In fact, some studies have shown that if you are balding or bald, your chances of getting sex are better than those of a man with a full head of hair. It can give you a real badass, strong look if you run with it!

The fourth lie you might have bought into has to deal with the way that a man looks. Again, this is a lie that the media has latched onto and run with – that in order to have women, you have to look a certain way.

You need to be handsome for a woman to want you – that is one of the biggest lies that’s out there. Ever see a hot woman with a guy that looks like he was smacked in the face with a double dose of ugly?

That right there is your proof that woman don’t choose the handsome man any more than they do the man who’s not that good looking. So then what’s going on with you?

Why is it that women aren’t flocking to you and giving it up? The reason is because you’re making the same mistakes that a lot of men who aren’t getting laid are making.

The Tao of Badass system can show you how to correct these problems and open the gates for you.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

You know what a lot of systems that don’t work to get you laid have in common? They all talk about how to approach a woman. In fact, they give you lines to memorize that you’re supposed to parrot back to a woman.

These lines backfire and you end up going home alone – yet again. In fact, you should throw out any lines that you’ve learned about approaching women. They’re not working for you and you need something that works that’s a natural method.

The most natural method in the world is important because women accept or reject a man based on how he conducts his approach. Pick up lines don’t work because you can bet that she’s heard it all before – especially if she’s on the hot end of the scale.

And by the way, guys, she should be on the hot end of the scale. Don’t settle because you really don’t have to. Another reason that pick up lines don’t work is that they’re usually someone else’s words.

It’s not something that you’d normally say and because the words aren’t normally something you’d say, they come across like you’re a used car salesman hoping to close a deal.

She picks up on that, she walks away and you strike out. You might not know that your chances of getting sex from a woman is less than ten percent because of something you’ve verbally said.

Believe it or not, what women pay attention to more than anything is body language. She’s reading you and she understands what you’re not saying as much as what you are saying with your body.

The problem with a woman ensues because most men have no idea how to read a woman’s body language in return and it’s important that you grasp it. The reason that it’s important is because this is the gate that opens the door to let you in places where you want to be.

If you can’t find the door, you certainly can’t knock on it. A woman uses body language to express interest and she reads your body language to see if you’re someone worth being interested in.

You might have heard of or even taken a course that teaches what to look for when it comes to a woman’s body language. These signs might include the way that she angles her body so that it’s facing you.

The way that she touches her hair or her lips or her face is something else that men are taught to look out for that means a woman is showing interest. A woman smiling means she’s showing interest is something that’s taught in many courses for men when it comes to getting laid.

But think about something for a minute. The women that you run into during the course of the day, the woman working at the bank, the woman working at the grocery store – just because they’re smiling at you, doesn’t mean they’re interested.

They’re just showing friendliness because it’s part of their job to be polite.  What all of this means is that you can’t rely on certain body language movements as a definitive invitation to pursue that woman into bed.

You have to stop wondering, stop guessing about the ways that women send out signals. There are other, clearer methods that you need to learn that take the guesswork out of knowing whether or not a woman is interest.

There are clues that you need to know. One of the clues about women has nothing to do with women. That sounds strange, but it’s true. It has to do with you.

But you can learn how to use body language to your advantage. You do this by letting them be sexual triggers. For example, did you know that if you allow your gaze to drop to a woman’s lips and you let her see your gaze drop, that it causes her emotional mind to immediately jump to the idea of having sex with you?

It does, but you have to have the confidence to even get to this point.

The Confidence to Make Every Woman Want You

Remember those jerks that seem to get every hot woman on the market? Wondering what it is that they have that you don’t have? They’ve got confidence. They don’t worry about what’s going on inside her head.

Those jerk guys know that women want them. Instead of watching and being envious, you need to understand what it is that makes them so confident that women can’t get enough of them and why they have more women waiting in the wings than they could possibly satisfy in a lifetime.

You have to learn that confidence isn’t cockiness. It’s not acting arrogant toward women. It’s an inner self-knowledge that you are the one. Here’s something about women that most men who want to get laid and are failing at it don’t know.

Women always want the man that’s in high demand. This is because they know if other women want what he’s delivering, then he’s obviously worth the pursuit. That’s the way that the woman’s emotional mind thinks – and it’s not logical, but it gets that guy in high demand laid ten times over before it does the average guy who doesn’t know this.

What it is about this guy is not so much that women actually see other women giving chase. They don’t see any physical evidence that other women want this guy.

So where did they get that idea? They got it from him. He knew a technique that he used to make women think that other women pursued him. This works because women are into what’s called “pre-selection” and you’ll learn more about that in the teachings presented in Tao of Badass so that you can make it work for your own life.

Tapping Into Her Subconscious Mind to Close the Deal

A woman’s willingness to engage in a sexual encounter begins in her subconscious mind and you have to know how to tap into that realm. There are four ways that gets you laid and you have to know how to work each of these areas.

First, you have to know how to get and keep confidence. No confidence, no sex. It’s that simple. Secondly, know how to get her to lower her guard. You can bet that the majority of women have their guard up.

They do this because of all of the lines they’ve heard before, or because they’ve encountered a guy who cheated or otherwise hurt them emotionally. You make her put up red flags and it’s over before it even starts.

Third, you have to know how to capture their attraction. Women are attracted to a myriad of things – and much of it stems from their mind. Men, on the other hand, are very visual creatures – being attracted to specific body types and looks.

And finally, you have to know when to close the deal. Closing the deal means you’re ending up in bed together. Or maybe you want more – true love that lasts forever – you can have either one if you learn the right system.

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